ONCE again Terry Douris was in attendance at the September meeting of the
Parish Council together with nearly a full council, bar one due to sickness.
All of last month’s planning applications were granted and there was only one new application which was an appeal against the conditions for refusal of planning permission. The Council unanimously supported the applicant.
Cricket club lease and
new cemetery
It would appear that legal niceties are still holding up the completion of these two items, this time, due to holidays being
taken by those dealing with the matters
Dacorum’s Parking Standards Supplementary Planning
All Parish Councillors were asked to respond with their comments. This was a very long and involved document and was somewhat confusing in its composition. All agreed that not enough parking places were being allocated to properties especially family homes despite the fact there was insufficient public transport to allow residents to travel back and forth to work and schools and there is also no integrated transport policy on the horizon to reduce the use of cars in the future.
Children’s play equipment in
Peggy’s Field
The Council received a complaint about vandalism to the equipment and also incidents of drug taking and supplying in and around our village green. The council was asked to consider putting up notices displaying telephone numbers so members of the public can report any incidents that they witness on their mobile phones as they occur so the police can monitor the problem. The writer also asked whether a child’s swing seat for younger children could be installed alongside the other play equipment on the site. The Council will look into these matters but pointed out that play equipment for younger children was available in the Cavendish Road Recreation Ground.
Missing milestone
Progress is being made and permissions sought to re-site the ancient mile stone that is being stored in Redbourn for the village. Providing there are no serious objections it will be planted beside the north bound carriage way on the verge adjacent to the Manor Farm gateway that will be at the correct distance from its neighbour further along the A5183.
Christmas lights
At an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday, September 10 the Council agreed to fund the erection of the Christmas lighting as last year. There will be no extension to the area covered on the previous year. This meeting was necessary because the item was inadvertently omitted from the Parish Council agenda for the meeting on September 3
Sewerage on Footpath 13
Thames Water has finally repaired the manhole on Footpath 13 in the path between Cavendish Road and the recreation ground. Unfortunately this has not entirely resolved the problem as during the weekend effluent again backed up and pushed up the cover and flowed across the path and ran along the verge towards Cavendish Road.
4/00095/18/FUL: The Grange, 8 High Street. Appeal against the conditions for refusal of planning permission for the erection of one detached dwelling.
4/01647/19/LBC: 1 Christina Court, High Street. Replace external door and door frame also replacement wooden casement window and removal and replacement of external light. (Granted).
4/01528/19/FHA: 14 High View. Conversion of garage to playroom (Granted).
4/01539/19/DRC: Willow Tree Farm,
Pipers Lane. Details required by condition 2 (materials), 3 (hard and soft landscaping) and 7 (fire hydrants) of planning permission 4/00191/19/FUL (change of use from business class B1 to class C3 residential dwelling. Single-storey front extension and roof extension (Granted).