THE December meeting of the Parish Council had a very small agenda and so we were able to conduct the business in almost record time. All the councillors were present except for our Borough Councillor who was attending to council matters at Dacorum.


All of the planning applications received last month were granted and none of these had attracted comment or objections.

There were four new applications two of which were legal developments that required no comment but the remaining two proved to attract objections.

A two-storey extension to a property in London Road raised objections as the alterations included the loss of an internal garage which would reduce the off-street parking in that area and the streets are already full to capacity with parked vehicles.

The second application for a development for 44 apartments on the site of the former Caddington Hall Care Home was also rejected on the grounds of contravening the Green Belt strategy and also raised concerns over additional traffic that would use the already congested Luton Road.

Cricket Club and new cemetery

B/Cllr Bert Chapman was absent so we didn’t get an update on the legal ramblings which seem to plague these two items but we were assured that they were still progressing slowly but this was no fault of the Parish Council or its solicitors.

Clerks Report

The clerk reported that her CiLCA training was on course and she had reached the point where she will be submitting her course work for approval.

A new litter bin has been ordered to replace the one that has rusted away in Parkfield and will be installed shortly.

Peggy’s Field

The purchase of the strip of land leading up to the entrance to The Village Green is underway and the solicitors have been instructed to proceed as quickly as possible.

We would again like express our thanks to the Tomblin family for their generosity

Christmas Lights

It was reported that the Christmas Lights will be switched on as already reported on Wednesday, December 4 and letters of intent have been delivered to all affected premises to which they are attached.

It has transpired that although the lights were erected on schedule there is a fault on the feeder connections which has yet to be resolved


The Flamstead ‘Grapevine’ is now being received by the parish office and the clerks will be evaluating its usefulness before we possibly subscribe to something similar.

Tree Policy

As last month’s report was somewhat abridged in Markyate Monthly—probably owing to pressure of space—but not on the website, the Parish Council would like to put before residents what they do not do with regard to work on village trees whether owned by the council or not

‘We have no obligation to carry out the following tree work:

  • Cut back branches overhanging private property.

  • ‘Top’ trees or remove branches to increase daylight or decrease height in relation to property.

  • Remove branches of trees affecting views or interfering with TV reception

  • Remove branches or trees to prevent falling leaves, honeydew from aphids or other minor debris.

  • Remove roots from drains or repair root damage to structures, where the tree has not been clearly demonstrated to be the principal cause.

  • Remove branches or trees to prevent potential root damage to structures.

  • Remove branches nearly touching buildings, walls, roots, fences etc.

  • Remove branches to prevent access to squirrels or birds.’

Any resident who requires a copy of the full Parish Council Tree Policy should contact the Parish Clerk.



19/02656/TEL: Cheverells Green, Outside Horsa Hut.. Installation of a nine metre wooden pole for fixed line broadband purposes.

19/02822/FHA: 14 The Coppins. Off-road parking for one car.

19/02803/FHA: 5 London Road. Two-storey side extension

4/02140/19/MFA: Caddington Hall, Luton Road. Demolition of former residential care home and two detached dwellings. Construction of three-storey building forming 44 new dwellings, with basement, associated hard and soft landscaping, parking, bin store and main entrance gateway.


4/02224/19/DRC: Livery Stables, Puddephats Farm. Details as required by Condition 5 (enabling works, external works, outbuildings-sheds, soft landscaping. Information on oil tank, foul drainage system and external lighting) attached to planning permission 4/0221/18/FUL (demolition of existing indoor manege and open barn. Construction of four new three bedroom dwellings and introduction of new linking track for horses. (Granted).

4/01994/19/DRC: Lower Farm End, Luton Road. Details as required by Condition 5 (Equine Management Plan) of planning permission 4/03348/15/FHA (erection of stables and tack room (resubmission of application 4/02474/15/FHA. (Granted).

4/02232/19/FHA: 111 High Street. Ground floor front extension. (Granted).

19/02513/FHA: 14 Cheverells Close. Single -storey rear and side garage extensions.