Caddy liner update

After extensive trials at composting facilities, Dacorum Borough Council have announced you are now able to dispose of your food waste in any soft plastic bag, as well as in compostable liners and newspaper.

Please note: this does not include plastic containers, pots, tubs or trays.

Please continue to recycle these in your blue lidded bin

Would YOU like to make a big difference in our local community?

The only elected group who are there just for Markyate are Markyate Parish Council.

Markyate Parish Council does not ‘do’ politics. We are there to get the best that we can for the village.

We are consulted by Dacorum Borough Council and Herts County Council – most significantly on planning applications.

We employ the Village Warden who undertakes maintenance and general upkeep of the Village facilities.

We manage the Village Halls, with concessionary rates for Markyate residents and at NO COST to the tax payers.

We pay for the refuse lorry to come three times a year to the Village to collect bulky waste.

We own Peggy’s Field Recreation Ground and have provided all the facilities in it. We have regular safety checks and action any safety advice.

We will own and manage the new cemetery.

We employ staff to administer our work and maintain the Village Halls. They also manage the web site and deal with phone calls and emails from the local community.

Each Parish Councillor has selected areas of interest – Luton airport, transport, education/schools, planning, elderly people, and so on…

The Parish Council needs new younger people with new ideas – could this be you?

There are two vacancies for Parish Councillors – Markyate needs YOU!

Contact the Parish Office for more information on 01582 842785 or email

Please Keep Your Dogs Under Control

Please keep your dog(s) under control when walking them in and around our village, especially in Peggy’s Field and around the Village Halls where  young children walk and play.

Some children and adults are easily scared by friendly, boisterous dogs.

Thank you.