Manned Refuse Freighter

The dates for the Manned Refuse Freighter during 2018 are as follows:-

Saturday 10 February

Saturday 9 June

Saturday 13 October

Items that are unable to be disposed of in the refuse freighters provided for

Village Collections

  • Paint/Chemicals
  • Petrol/Oil
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Metal
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Engine Parts
  • Car Parts
  • Logs (over 6 inches in diameter)
  • Asbestos
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Concrete/Bricks or other aggregate
  • Inert (Soil)
  • White Goods       (Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Cookers, Lawn Mowers (electric / petrol) etc.)
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • TV’S/Monitors/Stereo’sThis will include All other electrical items by July 07 under the pending WEEE directive.You can recycle these items at the Household Waste Recycling Centres operated by HCC in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted or Tring. Alternatively, you can arrange a bulky item collection for White Goods, TV’s, Monitors and stereos by contacting 01442 867858.Small Domestic Appliance Bank at the Village HallWe are pleased to have the addition of a small domestic appliance bank at the Village Hall; this has been sited with the other recyclable bins situated on site. This will take such items as phones, computer keyboards, DVC players, toasters, kettles, hairdryers, electrical toys, electrical tooth brushes, irons, remote controls, DIY electric tools, shavers, radios, video cameras, clocks and watches, small kitchen appliances.Larger items such as TV monitors, computers, washing machines, cookers will not be accepted, neither will light bulbs, batteries, rubbish, basically anything that will not fit in the chute.We hope you will find this helpful in the disposal of such items.



Caddy liner update

After extensive trials at composting facilities, Dacorum Borough Council have announced you are now able to dispose of your food waste in any soft plastic bag, as well as in compostable liners and newspaper.

Please note: this does not include plastic containers, pots, tubs or trays.

Please continue to recycle these in your blue lidded bin

The Annual Gathering of the Parish of Markyate

The Annual Gathering gives parishioners a chance to meet Parish Councillors and receive updates on the work the Parish Council has done during the past year.

This year the date to note is Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

More information to follow.

Would YOU like to make a big difference in our local community?

The only elected group who are there just for Markyate are Markyate Parish Council.

Markyate Parish Council does not ‘do’ politics. We are there to get the best that we can for the village.

We are consulted by Dacorum Borough Council and Herts County Council – most significantly on planning applications.

We employ the Village Warden who undertakes maintenance and general upkeep of the Village facilities.

We manage the Village Halls, with concessionary rates for Markyate residents and at NO COST to the tax payers.

We pay for the refuse lorry to come three times a year to the Village to collect bulky waste.

We own Peggy’s Field Recreation Ground and have provided all the facilities in it. We have regular safety checks and action any safety advice.

We will own and manage the new cemetery.

We employ staff to administer our work and maintain the Village Halls. They also manage the web site and deal with phone calls and emails from the local community.

Each Parish Councillor has selected areas of interest – Luton airport, transport, education/schools, planning, elderly people, and so on…

The Parish Council needs new younger people with new ideas – could this be you?

There are two vacancies for Parish Councillors – Markyate needs YOU!

Contact the Parish Office for more information on 01582 842785 or email

Love Your Neighbourhood

Are you aged between 7 and 11 and want to learn how to control and master your bike?

Then come along to the Bikeability training at the LYN event in Markyate on Wednesday 15 February 11-2pm at Markyate Village Hall and Y2K Hall.

Bring your bike and helmet and wrap up warm including gloves!

Bikeability is fun and gives you the confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.  You will gain basic cycle control skills including starting and pedalling; stopping; manoeuvring; signalling and using the gears on your bike.

For more information go to

Launce of New National Illegal Money lending Team Website

The NTS Illegal Money Lending Team England has launched a new website, which is a one stop shop for victims, the police, and partner agencies. It provides valuable information about the team and details regarding ‘what is a loan shark’. The site contains information for partner agencies and educational material for schools. Importantly, there is also a reporting mechanism for victims or others to make a specific report online, even including a requested time call back. The website link is: or

Although Hertfordshire is a relatively affluent county, illegal moneylending takes place everywhere, as these people seek to take advantage of any vulnerability they can find. There was a recent TV programme highlighting the work of the Illegal Money Lending Team which featured a loan shark in Welwyn Garden City.

It is estimated that 310,000 families use loan sharks, typically borrowing £350 at a time. But as the debts escalate to thousands of pounds, it is thought borrowers are paying £700 million a year to unlicensed lenders.


Parish Council Meetings and Committees

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Y2K Hall.  Please see the agenda posted on our notice boards in the village.  Also under Agendas on our website.

The Annual Gathering of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 7.30pm  in the Village Hall.

For a full schedule of all Parish Council and Committee meetings, please see Schedule of Meeting Dates listed in Policies and Procedures.

One Way Busses

Centrebus have announced that from June 19th routes 34 and 46 will travel one-way northbound through Markyate. The idea being to reduce delays suffered to southbound buses as they constantly give way to oncoming traffic. It also removes the need for buses to make the dangerous London Road exit from the village onto the busy A5. It is further hoped that some of the bus/car confrontations experienced in the High Street will also be reduced. This idea originally came from a parishioner and has been developed and promoted to Centrebus by Markyate Parish Council. Basically southbound buses from Luton and Dunstable will pass by the village along the A5 and turn right into London Road and then up through the High Street using the existing northbound bus stops before exiting the village at the northern end by the traffic lights. There they will continue their southbound journey to Redbourn and beyond. Northbound services will continue as before. Notices explaining the new workings will soon be displayed on all bus stops within the village.


Please Keep Your Dogs Under Control

Please keep your dog(s) under control when walking them in and around our village, especially in Peggy’s Field and around the Village Halls where  young children walk and play.

Some children and adults are easily scared by friendly, boisterous dogs.

Thank you.

Police Report from the Annual Gathering of the Parish Council


PC Brian Evans introduced PCSO Rowan Sheppard, who has just replaced PCSO Mark Green as our Neighbourhood Policing Officer.

Together, with Special Constable Richard Downs, they informed us once again of the relatively low crime rate we have in and around Markyate. However thefts from motor vehicles, particularly vans, was still prevalent where tools and power generators have been stolen, though some of these have since been recovered. Heritage crime was also a problem recently with attacks and thefts from our local churches.

The Police urged us to phone 101 if we see anything suspicious, but if a crime is in progress, to use 999. Thanks were due to a resident recently who phoned 101. As a result a large quantity of drugs were found in a ‘cannabis factory’ inside a local house. The drugs were seized and the occupant arrested.

In answer to a question from a member of the public about the time taken to answer 101 calls it was stated that 80% of calls were answered within 30 seconds, and 90% of 999 calls answered within 10 seconds.

The Police confirmed that laser speed checks were still being made regularly in our area. With regard to road safety along the A5 the Police were aware of 16 reported accidents, of which 95% were recorded as ‘driver error’.