We have 10 grit bins in Markyate which are checked regularly.  They were last checked on Monday 28 January 2019 and they were all full.

Please note these are provided for use on local roads and pavements to make them safe in hazardous conditions.  The contents are not to be used for private driveways.

As media speculation grows around the possibility of snow in the UK please see the update on the current forecast for the Hertfordshire.

Snow is possible from later on Tuesday evening into Wednesday, currently this is expected to be around 1cm.  There is a risk of some snow later in the week as well.

Highways Winter Duty Officers monitor the situation and will be sending out the gritters as required.

Herts roads are expected to remain fully open and at this stage it is not expected to cause mass disruption.   

You may however need to allow extra time for  your journey, please remember to clear windscreens and lights fully prior to setting off and always drive to the conditions, reducing speed as necessary.

For up to date information please visit  www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/winterroads