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HMRC and Royal Courts of Justice scams

Dear Watch Member,

This week we have had 18 HMRC reports, equating to a loss of £21,934 although 15K of that was lost by one person. In some of these the offenders claimed to be from the CPS or the Royal Courts of Justice rather than HMRC.

We also had 3 reports of people receiving texts from the courts telling them that they were being summonsed for jury service. The text contained a link which takes you to a fake HM Gov website where you can confirm your attendance or pay £35 for 6 months to defer.

Typical examples:

Voicemail saying “I had to phone back HMRC on a London number. It was time sensitive and there would be legal consequences if I didn’t phone back. I phoned back and very harsh man said there was a tax miscalculation and a warrant for my arrest. I asked if I could pay to avoid any further proceedings and he put me through to his boss, who was very convincing.”

“A phone call claiming to be from the Crown Prosecution Service, claiming that they had a warrant for my arrest had been issued on behalf of the HRMC for tax invasion.”

“Received a call from an unknown number claiming that I owed £999 due to miscalculated tax from 2018-2019. They were able to call me from a number registering to the Royal Court of Justice. They explained that I could pay the balance fee now, and when found innocent I could get the money refunded to me”.

“On Saturday 12th September 2020 at 1050hours was contacted on the phone by whom was described as the Inland Revenue. Was told that I owed unpaid tax £1200.00 from some years ago and a warrant was issued for my arrest. Was told that if I paid the money in full that I would not be arrested on Saturday 12th September 2020 for the non-payment”.

As you can imagine these are all scams, HMRC or the Royal Courts of Justice will never call you, if you receive these calls, politely close the call and do not provide any details, and report to

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:

Terry Morris
Watch Liaison Officer
Tel: 01707 355807

Police Contact Advice

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