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Special Freighter Hicks Road – Saturday 3 October

The Dacorum Borough Council workforce at Cupid Green is continuing to carry out the regular bin collections. We have now been informed that they are also at this moment in time able to provide the special skip freighters, which is good news, however due to Covid-19 there are certain  conditions which are to ensure the safety of staff and the public, which we list below. Please be aware due to Covid-19 this could be cancelled at any time.

*Vehicle to be positioned and parked to allow sufficient room at the rear to ensure the paramount safety of all resident’s and staff.

*All residents and staff to maintain social distancing where practicable.

*Residents to dispose of the waste directly into the freighter, driver will not be able to assist.

*Driver to stand back from the freighter ensuring that they are able to monitor the safe loading of the hopper at all times.

*Driver to monitor and insure hazardous waste is not taken.

*Resident to move away from the hopper (2m) before the driver operates the packing controls.

*Only one resident at a time (unless family member assisting to dispose of the waste) at the back of the hopper.                        

 The refuse Freighter will be coming to Markyate on Saturday 3th October, location Hicks Road to dispose of bulky items

at no cost. The exceptions are as follows.

*Paint/Chemicals – Petrol/Oil – Metal Cleaning Agents.

*Batteries/Tyres – Engine Parts – Car Parts.

*Asbestos – Logs (over 6 inch in diameter).

*Gas Cylinders/Fire Extinguishers.

*Concrete/Bricks or other aggregate – soil.

*White Goods (Tumble Driers – Washing Machines Cookers.

*Lawn Mowers (Electric/Petrol).

TVs – Monitors/Stereos Florescent Tubes.

If you have any clothes or small electric items you wish to dispose of there are containers located near the Village Hall.                                          

Fly Tipping

Just a brief update on fly tipping in our area, five Fly tipping incidents due to Directed Surveillance have been identified, the first incident has resulted in the offender receiving a large fine. The other four incidents are currently under investigation.