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Markyate is situated on the A5, the old Roman Road, north of junction 9 on the M1. The total population of Markyate is approximately 3,000

In medieval times a community of Benedictine nuns was established in Markyate by Christina. On the ruins of the original priory a manor house, Markyate Cell was built. Many additions have been made over the centuries to the house but parts of the original Tudor building are intact. Markyate’s Parish Church, St John the Baptist, stands on a corner of the grounds of Markyate Cell.

Parish News

Grit Bins and snow

We have 10 grit bins in Markyate which are checked regularly.  They were last checked on Monday 28 January 2019 and they were all full. Please note these are provided for use on local roads and pavements to make them safe in hazardous conditions.  The contents are not to be used for private driveways. As […]

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